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Contact Information

For inquiries from wholesalers, manufacturers and feed buyers:

Organic Source LLC
David Singsank
Dennis Singsank
2863 Quail Hollow Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI. 48108

PH. 734 973 0778
Fax 734 418 1046

Just click on the email address to send us an email, or feel free to call regarding questions or request for information. In your request for information, please provide your company name and phone #.

We do not sell to retail stores or to consumers. All business is in larger bulk quantities.

We look forward to being your supply partner, and to truly add value to your purchasing of organic ingredients. Please be sure to take a look at the web page titled OUR BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY to learn why you can feel 100% confident on placing your trust in ORGANIC SOURCE to take of your needs—that is, to help your company be successful and to make your job easier and to prevent hassles and stress.

Thank you!